Friday, June 17, 2011

Allsorts Liquor Scented High Lather Soap Bars -- Prohibition Spiced Rum

This is kinda fun.

Description from posting:

Trivia: Apr 7, 1933 - At the stroke of midnight on April 7, 1933, Prohibition was history,*" the news release reads. "After thirteen years as contraband, “intoxicating liquors” were once again legal. The night before has come to be known as New Beer's Eve and we Chicagoans invite you to kick off Prohibition month with a celebratory round on us

Scented with fresh forest grown Cinnamon, Cloves and citrus blends of essential oils The Spiced Rum Vegan High Lather Bar will fill your shower with an zesty blend of East Indies spices. Made with the finest, sustainably sourced/fair wage, organic plant oils; these bars were produced using the most ethical considerations for the bio-sphere, it's creatures and your family.

We invite you to purchase this bar for your family and we've purposely priced (call it self subsidized) our Allsorts Organic Vegan Soap Bars to demonstrate the value of organic products and as special thank you to our Facebook and Twitter friends who support our carbon neutral goals by voting with their dollar bills. By supporting the use of sundries that do not contain dangerous chemicals and toxins; you promote a healthy lifestyle and begin your own life's adventure by getting a better understanding of what we put down our drains and into our planet.

Each bar is wrapped with an adventure for the curious or student of Chicago Prohibition Era history. Open the wrapper to reveal a detailed adventure that will lead you to the intersection of vice and victim: 13 unlucky years unveiled as you travel through the city's "noble experiment" and witness the creation of The Chicago Outfit and American Organized Crime.

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