Friday, September 18, 2009

Margaritaville RUM "Ready To Drink" Classic Mojito

I apologize for the lousy picture quality. I snapped this on my last day of drinking this mix and was hoping to find a better photo online (no such luck).

Just a quick review of the first RUM product from Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville Spirits line. The "Classic Mojito" is part of a larger "Ready To Drink" product line which includes a number of flavored margarita pre-mixed beverages. Margaritaville Spirits has promised a full line of Margaritaville RUMs including Dark, Silver, Coconut, and Spiced RUM. The website has bottle photos and an announced street date of "Summer 2009".

First I must admit that I typically HATE this type of pre-mixed spirit. They typically are too sweet and carry a heavy syrup taste. Well, that description applies to thie product too.

To it's defense, the Mojito mix isn't quite as bad as the Margaritaville "Ready To Drink" margarita drinks. This drink carries a heavily sweetened lime/mint taste and it has a overt syrupy thickness.

Drinking it straight is nearly impossible. I found that I could improve it's drinkability by cutting it with club soda and splashing in some fresh lime juice. It does have a fairly nice nose of mint and lime but the strong, sugary-sweet smell is a major drawback. It's light, lime green color also reminds me of their afore mentioned pre-mixed lime margaritas.

Pre-mixed lime & mint flavor can never replace freshly muddled lime/mint. In the end, this beverage is simply not worth the time or the money. The mix is only 30 proof and once you add the extra club soda/lime juice waters this gets watered down to nothing worth drinking. I give it a 3 of 10.