Thursday, February 17, 2011

Coral Reef Restaurant (Sacramento, CA)

"Perhaps this excerpt from the menu's 'mission statement' is the definitive word on the Coral Reef: 'To those discriminating persons who are connoisseurs of good food and properly mixed cocktails … we welcome you.'"

Here's an enjoyable article series celebrating the Coral Reef restaurant formerly of Sacramento, CA. The restaurant was a city landmark from late 1940s-1990s but it sadly closed for good in 1994.

Reliving other's memories of their celebrations, dining and drinking at this lost Tiki treasure was quite enjoyable. The author managed to interview the Coral Reef's long time bartender and he shared some of their best cocktail recipes.

So take a moment to read the article, jot down the cocktail recipes and make some Coral Reef memories for yourself; I know I will!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Brugal Dominican White Label Rum

I'll admit up front that I like Dominican Republic RUMs quite a bit. They typically are premium quality with understated, smooth as silk flavor. Brugal Anejo happens to be a personal favorite. So I was very excited to sip on Brugal's White Label.

The vintage label on Brugal White RUM tells you it is ALL about tradition. From its "Founded in 1888" declaration, its green hewed bottle, its old script lettering and its eight early 20th century gold medals earned, Brugal lets you know that this rum has stood the test of time. Its long tradition proudly lets consumers know what to expect. Brugal's White Label has a light coconut/sweet floral aroma and a crystal clear color. For an 80 proof RUM it has a stronger initial burn than I anticipated. It has an understated from start to finish with hints of coconut, sugar and charcoal. Its remain is as fresh and sweet as one would expect from a well made Dominican Republic RUM. White Label over ice is a mellow sipper but nothing overly special. It is probably better suited for Tiki drinks. My last taste test is mixing my RUM with Coke Zero. This proved that a light RUM like Brugal White is easily lost when mixed. Brugal White Label has a long tradition as a light and mellow white RUM perfect for cocktails. 6 of 10.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


I really enjoyed this story of a father & son who took a family RUM cocktail recipe and started their own company. CayRum mixes aged Dominican Republic RUM, ginger and honey. It doesn't sound like something I normally would enjoy but I'd love to try it if I have a chance.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cockspur Five Star Fine Rum

Barbados is the birth place of RUM. Cockspur Five Star Fine RUM was established in 1884. Five Star is a three year blend that carries on the fine tradition of Barbados RUM distillation. Made from rich molassas, it's double distilled in copper pots with natural underground springs water.

Five Star is an 80 proof young RUM that has a fine winter-wheat hew. The cork sealed, old style, bubble neck bottle proudly boasts a royal green-breasted gamecock. Being a proud University of South Carolina Gamecock, I've enjoyed Cockspur Five Star at many a tailgate party.

The presentation of Cockspur Five Star is clean with strong legs. It's warm aroma carries a rich creamy butterscoth, slightly burnt carmel sweetness. Yum!

Drinking this one neat reveals a slightly sweet and spicy, middle-aged RUM that has a dry, lightly oaky flavor. Putting it over ice brings out more of the oak flavor and better reveals it's light butterscotch heart.

This RUM is almost too good to mix with my standard Coke Zero but it's too young to consistently drink straight. The oaky, dry spice flavor makes for an interesting mix with the sweetness of the Coke Zero. After a few sips I noticed a buttery, bananas foster linger that I was not expecting. Good stuff. 7.5 of 10

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"The Rum That Invented Rum" - Mt. Gay's Latest Ad Campaign For Sailors

The NY Times had an interesting article covering Mt. Gay Rum's new advertising campaign "Sailing Spoken Here" targeting sailors.

"The microsite is lightly branded, in keeping with a belief that overcommercializing an online destination will only discourage computer users from visiting."

"The intended audience for the campaign are those who “are so passionate about sailing that they organize their lives around it,” says Daniel Cabaleiro, international brand director for Mount Gay at Rémy Cointreau, who is based in New York."

"Rémy Cointreau 'believes this category will become premium,' he adds, as have liquor categories like Scotch whisky, tequila and vodka, 'and we already see signs of that.'"

"The reason is that 'rum can be a very elegant and complex spirit,' Mr. Cabaleiro says, “not just a base for a busy cocktail.'"

Bundaberg Rum Commercials

I found the series of television commercials for Bundaberg RUM on YouTube to be quite humorous. I thought I would share them here and ask the can I get some Bundaberg RUM here in the United States?