Wednesday, June 6, 2012

USA crafted RUMs - New blog

I have been so busy developing my two other websites, I have completely neglected my work on this blog for nearly a year. To my readers, I apologize. I have recently purchased my own RUM domain and will be moving this blog to the new site within the next few months.

My lack of blog posts does not foreshadow a lessened interest in RUM and the RUM industry. I continue to add to my RUM collection, I continue doing samplings/tastings and I continue to follow RUM news.

My latest fascination is the proliferation of RUMs being made in the US and the discontinuance of RUMs from the market. I will probably make these two areas of interest my early focus with the launch of the new site. In the mean time I will highlight some of the new USA crafted RUMs that have caught my eye.

Here's the latest:

Whistling Andy's Hibiscus-Coconut Rum

While I have not tried Whistling Andy's RUM is certainly has my curiosity peeked!