Friday, April 23, 2010

Four Square Spice Rum

I have to admit that I've had my bottle of Four Square Spiced RUM (Barbados) for a long time, perhaps two years. So I am not entirely sure if this RUM is simply light and delicate with only the slightest spicey tones or if my bottle has severly mellowed over time. I think the former is true because I want to remember noting, upon opening, that it's spice was minimal. That said, I liked this RUM.

The Four Square comes in an cool square bottle (see it's name) with a wax seal. The RUM has a appealing golden orange tone with strong, clingy legs. It's nose revealed a nice butterscotch fragrance with hints of nutmeg, vanilla and orange.

Without Ice: Four Square only had the slightest of burns with a sparingly light, dry aftertaste. While not very noticable in the taste, I did note a bit of spicey tingle on the tounge and palete; perhaps cinnimon?

With Ice: Yum. Adding a slight chill to the RUM defintely brings out more of the spicey flavor. Hints of light vanilla and complex herbals was unexpected.

With Coke Zero: Yikes, this is a disaster. Four Square is simply too delicate to mixed with something like Coke Zero; this killed all of the RUM flavor I was enjoying when it was on ice. No spice flavor and only the slightest vanilla notes. The RUM almost inhances the "Diet" flavor of the Coke Zero.
I would give Four Square Spiced RUM a 6.5 of 10.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bizarre Bounty RUM Story

Here's an interesting story: Nearly a year ago a couple, traveling from St. Lucia to London, befriend a fellow traveler who explains that he is over the liquor limit and requests that the couple take one of his bottles of RUM. "No problem", they say as they depart the plane and get into a taxi driven by another friend.

On their way home, in lieu of payment for the taxi ride, they offer the driver their newly found bottle of RUM; he accepts. The very, next day the taxi driver tragically dies of a heart attack.

Nearly a year after the cab driver's death, his nephew and his nephew's friend discover the bottle of RUM and decide to toast the dead man. Immediately after drinking their dedicated shot the two men fall over in near death. They are rushed to the hospital where they nearly die from cocaine poisoning. As it turns out, the bottle of "RUM" turned out to be LIQUID COCAINE.

After testing, it is discovered that the bottle contains almost 9oz. of cocaine dissolved into the RUM. Prosecutors quickly realize that the cab driver's death a year ago was also caused by drinking the "RUM". There is no way to prove that anyone knew of the cocaine or whom is responsible for it being dissolved into the RUM.