Monday, December 27, 2010

Informal Spiced RUM tasting

With my family in town for the holidays, I invited my two brother-in-laws to join me in a RUM tasting. Since I had been drinking Kraken and Ginger Ale with dinner I thought I'd pull a number of Spiced RUMs out for us to sample.

I pulled out six Spiced RUMs: Seven Tiki Spiced RUM, Ron Diaz Gran Reserva Spiced RUM, Whaler's Spiced RUM, Kraken Black Spiced RUM, Tropic Isle Palms Spiced Cask RUM and Voodoo Spiced RUM.

Because my brothers are not regular drinkers I decided to keep the tasting informal. As we tried each RUM we talked about eachs appearance, aroma, taste and linger.

We were surprised by the lack of Spicyness with most of the samples. Only Seven Tiki and Kraken really showed traditional Spicy flavors while the Whaler's and Tropic Isle Palms were much sweeter than expected. All of the RUMs were good but none were truly great. We ranked them as follows:

1. Seven Tiki
2. Kraken
3. Whaler's
4. Voodoo
5. Ron Diaz Gran Reserva
6. Tropic Isle Palms

We all had a good time, got a little tipsy and I think my brothers have a better appreciation of RUM and eachs unique flavor.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Rum Of The Week

Okay, I am going to try and improve my posting rate here. Since I broke my ankle and leg back in May my RUM tasting and enjoyment was forced to dropped off substantially.

Well, those days are over and its time to get back on the horse. It is my goal to blog about a new RUM each week for the forseeable future. Many of my friends brought me new, wonderful looking RUMs from their overseas travels (16 at last count) and its time to start drinking.

I also would like to start a "Cocktail of the Week" here and I've even toyed with running through some bartenders guides ala "Julie and Julia". We'll see what I can come up with and have some fun.

For now, in my friend Bryan Dold's immortal phrase from hight school..."Later days!"