Thursday, December 3, 2009

Seven Tiki Spiced RUM

Here's another RUM that caught my eye. I am big into all things TIKI so a RUM with tiki in it's name is a must try. This is a 70 proof Spiced RUM but from what I've read there is a Dark and Silver RUM available too. Their literature says that it's made in Fiki but there seems to be some doubt to that claim. According to Edward Hamilton at Ministry Of RUM, it "is produced at the South Pacific Distillery in Fiji, a small distillery adjacent to the major Fiji Sugar Corp. sugar mill, which is near Lautoka city on the North West Coast of the main Fijian island of Viti Levu." It's raw material is "Sugar cane molasses from high-quality Fijian sugar cane, which has been growing in Fiji for thousands of years. It is produced on a continuous still. The continuous still gets its steam from a wood fired boiler." Yes, it actually is blended and ages in Fiji but bottled in France (for Europe) and the United States. It's primary uniqueness is that they use pure water from Fiji and sun-baked Indonesian nutmeg and Madagascar vanilla beans. It is certainly the only South Pacific RUM I've ever heard about. Seven Tiki Spiced RUM is part of the Bacardi Globe Brand line-up and is currently only available in California and Florida. I think I can order it online. Huh, maybe I am do another Christmas gift!

Horne Rum

I haven't tried Horne RUM yet but the website caught my eye enough to write the address down. It's an 88 proof Spiced RUM. I like it's dark color and it's Hurrican flag label. It says its a US Virgin Island blend of RUMs. I'll be on the lookout for a sampling.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bacardi Select RUM Tasting

Bacardi Select RUM is 80 proof (40% alcohol). It has a dark carmel appearance with medium legs. In the bottle, this RUM has a pleasant, mossy, carmel, smokey aroma. The smell has a light detection of alcohol and is a bit fruity (hints of orange).

Over Ice: Bacardi Select blends in a smokey, mossy, almost burnt aroma. Unfortunetly the alcohol smell increases dramatically. Taste straight over ice produces a great deal of alcohol burn which is quite harsh. However, I did notice a mix of carmel and fruit after taste once the burn subsided. But let me be clear, the burn is hot and thus not good.

With Coke Zero: Sweet and tasty. This is how to drink Bacardi Select RUM! This mix definetly enhances the carmel flavor and adds to the sweetness of the Coke Zero. Really, it is almost like they distilled this RUM specifically to make Cuba Libre with it. I like this much more than over ice.

Final score: 6.5 out of 10