Thursday, February 17, 2011

Coral Reef Restaurant (Sacramento, CA)

"Perhaps this excerpt from the menu's 'mission statement' is the definitive word on the Coral Reef: 'To those discriminating persons who are connoisseurs of good food and properly mixed cocktails … we welcome you.'"

Here's an enjoyable article series celebrating the Coral Reef restaurant formerly of Sacramento, CA. The restaurant was a city landmark from late 1940s-1990s but it sadly closed for good in 1994.

Reliving other's memories of their celebrations, dining and drinking at this lost Tiki treasure was quite enjoyable. The author managed to interview the Coral Reef's long time bartender and he shared some of their best cocktail recipes.

So take a moment to read the article, jot down the cocktail recipes and make some Coral Reef memories for yourself; I know I will!

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