Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dirty Jobs - RUM Distillery

Discovery Channel's "Dirty Jobs" visits the Newport RUM Distillery tonight @ 9pm.

"Mike heads to Newport Distillery to help the crew turn molasses into rum. Scouring copper, working with scalding liquid, hauling hoses and lugging molasses cubes are all just part of a hard day's work."

Newport Distillery produces Thomas Tew RUM which the distiller discribes as:

"For 135 years the once thriving Rhode Island distilling industry lay dormant. Finally, in 2007, Newport Distilling Company received the first license to distill in the state since the close of the John Dyer distillery. Naturally, the goal is to recreate the rum that had been world famous 250 years ago. Using the same blackstrap molasses, local water, and pot still techniques, this rum has been resurrected and is now called Thomas Tew."

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