Thursday, July 29, 2010

Seven Tiki Spiced RUM

A couple of weeks prior to breaking my leg/ankle, a good friend brought me a bottle of Seven Tiki Spiced Rum back from his trip to Key West. Being that Seven Tiki is only available in California and Florida, I thought it was quite a nice gift for a RUM and tiki fanatic.

A month in the hospital and my new medication has prevented me from opening my gift. With my friend visiting last weekend I thought it would be good to pop the Seven Tiki open and have a sip.

While this isn't a formal review I will say I liked the Seven Tiki's vanilla, butterscoth smoothness with just a touch of fruit flavor (cherry, peach, maybe banana). Throw in the company of a good friend and it made for a nice evening. I promise to do a formal review soon.

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