Friday, April 23, 2010

Four Square Spice Rum

I have to admit that I've had my bottle of Four Square Spiced RUM (Barbados) for a long time, perhaps two years. So I am not entirely sure if this RUM is simply light and delicate with only the slightest spicey tones or if my bottle has severly mellowed over time. I think the former is true because I want to remember noting, upon opening, that it's spice was minimal. That said, I liked this RUM.

The Four Square comes in an cool square bottle (see it's name) with a wax seal. The RUM has a appealing golden orange tone with strong, clingy legs. It's nose revealed a nice butterscotch fragrance with hints of nutmeg, vanilla and orange.

Without Ice: Four Square only had the slightest of burns with a sparingly light, dry aftertaste. While not very noticable in the taste, I did note a bit of spicey tingle on the tounge and palete; perhaps cinnimon?

With Ice: Yum. Adding a slight chill to the RUM defintely brings out more of the spicey flavor. Hints of light vanilla and complex herbals was unexpected.

With Coke Zero: Yikes, this is a disaster. Four Square is simply too delicate to mixed with something like Coke Zero; this killed all of the RUM flavor I was enjoying when it was on ice. No spice flavor and only the slightest vanilla notes. The RUM almost inhances the "Diet" flavor of the Coke Zero.
I would give Four Square Spiced RUM a 6.5 of 10.

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